The School is based on the towering principles and philosophy of the noble son of India, Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati.The Trust also oversees a Gurukula (A Residential Vedic Education and Cultural Academy).We at DAV Public School aim at nurturing the future generation with universal Vedic values, and distinct Indian cultural ethos who will be global citizen.


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Principal's Message

Malini Ashok
“All the world’s a stage. And we are mere Players.”
- William Shakespeare

We, at DAV set up a stage for children to trudge along until they find their confident footing. Facilitators try to make this journey together, learning and succeeding together, faltering and correcting together to make them worthy and capable citizens. This is evidently seen in the shining results in academics, achievements in sports at State and National levels, Inter School Competitions and many other programs. With all support from teachers, non- teaching staff and parents, we make this stage a better one for finer and bigger acts in life in the coming years. Remember, success is not final. Success is not resting on laurels, but finding new laurels to rest upon.

Our Vision

To develop and motivate the child to learn and experience success in a conducive environment retaining Indian values.

Our Belives

The School belives

  • In the knowledge and wisdom of our ancient seers and sages and also the knowledge provided by modern scholars
  • In encouraging every student to develop positive attitude and skills to achieve success
  • In developing students into role-models exhibiting discipline, dignity, decorum and exemplary behavior
  • In bringing out a balanced and integrated personality in every student reflecting the richness and glory of the ethos and values of our cultural heritage
Educational Objectives

  • To Impart holistic modern education on the lines of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), New Delhi.
  • To provide intellectual nourishment and to nurture the aptitudes of students to bring out their full potential.
  • To equip students with necessary skills and to inculcate in them, the national ideals and Universal/ International outlook.
  • To provide the students with a sure and strong base for a bright and meaningful career.
  • To bring self discipline, Value system; and to galvanize students’ energy for creative Purposes.
  • Admission to the school is open for all boys and girls irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, language, community, province or region. However, admission of students to each class is strictly based on merit & availability of seats. The school adheres to the first-come-first-serve principle.
Dav Governing Coucil Members

Smt. Sadhana V. Jawali 1
Smt. Sadhana Jawali


Sri Sandeep Agarwal
Sri. Sandeep Agarwal


Sri Satyavrata
Sri Satyavrata


Sri S R Balaji
Sri SR Balaji

Joint Secretary

Sri Subhash Chandra Goyal
Sri Subhasha Chandra Goyal


Dr. R R Varma
Dr. Radha Kishan Verma

Ex-Chairperson & Member

Sri Ramesh P Yelameli
Sri Ramesh P Yelameli


Governing Council
Dr Shraddha S


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Dr Siddhartha A Bhargava


Sri Pradyumna Arya


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Sri Sanjay Kumar


Our Dedicated Staffs

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