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When I was young, my mother used to read me a book about personal hygiene. The book was about a boy who was extremely untidy and did not keep his surroundings clean, his mother uses to constantly scold him and give him lessons about cleanliness. Never did I think I would have any use of the book but I assume it’s time to go a trip down memory lane. It has been six months since the global pandemic of coronavirus began, yet every day we find ourselves grappling with the newness around us. Some of us have found this to ... Read more

Guru Purnima

Guru and Purnima are the two words that signifies the the ultimate human endeavours. The Guru is the remover of the darkness by ushering in the light of knowledge. Guru Purnima is also celebrated as Vyasa Purnima. Sage Vyasa authored the great epic Mahabharata, Vedanta Darshana and also compiled four Vedas. The Guru imparts two distinct streams of knowledge to disciple, Para Vidya (material science ) and Apara Vidya( spiritual science). Guru Purnima has a spiritual significance, it is a day to express gratitude to the Guru. Astronomically, it is also said to be the brightest moon of the year. ... Read more