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Learning with mind maps

Students face a growing demand for rapid learning of new concepts. We face the prospect of joining competitive work markets, training for selective colleges, and the emphasis on standardized exams. Any instrument that can help them learn more efficiently and maintain knowledge is a blessing. Traditional schooling isn’t enough anymore. To that end, both students and teachers embrace mind mapping as a valuable tool of learning. Students can view learning materials differently thanks to mind mapping tools, and perform better in processing new knowledge. Retention rates also increase when learners add mind mapping to their learning efforts. Taking Notes : ... Read more

How to set SMART goals

You need to set goals if you want to succeed. You lose concentration and direction without aims. Goal setting not only enables you to take control of the direction of your life; it also provides you with a benchmark to determine if you are actually succeeding. Think about it: getting a million dollars in the bank proves success only if one of your goals is to amass money. If your goal is to practice charity acts, then the way you would define success is suddenly contrary to keeping the money for yourself. The source of any motivation or inspiration you’ve ... Read more

How to resolve conflicts between siblings

When you have more than one kid, you have to referee sibling fighting, and rivalry chances are good to excellent. The fact is, even the best sibling relationships will have moments of tension and conflict. Yet a much more secure home and sisterly harmony could be accomplished with a little wisdom and patience. When a good sibling bond is established early, and children have taught how to manage conflict with their brother or sister, fighting and rivalry could be significantly minimized. This essential family bond can flourish and grow strong once children learn how to work through their differences. First, ... Read more

5 Words to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

As a child grows, it is always their parents who form their self-confidence and shape it. You were probably there on the sidelines as your child learned to walk, offering encouragement and comfort as they fell. Your child learned the skill by way of perseverance after many attempts. From events like this, children learn to persistence – to keep trying when they have failed. They’re learning that practice makes perfect, or at least improvement! Having encouraging parents encourages children to keep going and increases self-esteem and confidence in a child. Kids continue to exploring and learning new things with confidence ... Read more

3 Fun Indoor Activities

3 Fun Indoor Activities It doesn’t matter where you are, or what the weather outside of your window is like, there are always times when you need to be inside. And as parents, I think we all realize that kids, energy, and long hours indoors are an equation that can be compared to the chaos and imminent catastrophe. Not only can these games combat frustration (which is less crying, woohoo!) but they will also test their minds and muscles – strengthening their bodies and releasing all that pent-up energy – eventually leaving you with stronger kids that do not battle ... Read more

3 exciting birthday traditions

How can you make that special day even more memorable for your little one? Start a birthday tradition which they can look forward to every year! If it’s a special breakfast in bed, a fun birthday song or learning to give back to those in need, these ideas would certainly inspire a family-wide birthday tradition. Teach your children to be charitable Tell the guests to carry in charity materials. It could be something basic, such as books or canned goods. Create a “birthday superheroes” theme and when they bring their donations, everyone dresses up as their favorite character. When your ... Read more

3 easy recipes for children

With the coronavirus crisis spreading all over the world, India has come under an intense lockdown starting from March 25th, 2020. And that has left very little constructive activity for the kids at home because many of the parents work from home and the kids can’t go out. So what can you do to keep them engaged after they’ve done everything from books to indoor games? Cook, we suggest! We don’t ask you to make your kids cook a full lunch in the kitchen, but here are three simple, fun, and delicious dishes that even your kids can help you ... Read more

3 Easy Indoor Exercises For Kids

Regular physical activity is a significant part of overall health, particularly for children growing up. Being active enhances the physical health of a child, but it also offers cognitive and emotional benefits such as improving the span of attention and mental wellness. It is recommended that children under the age of 6 be involved consistently during the day and that older children and teenagers receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. While schools and sports can foster physical activity in children, it can be challenging to know how to encourage children to work out at home. Yoga ... Read more


This global pandemic has set off massive chain reactions throughout the world. Maybe the biggest and most disruptive change to our daily lives has to be parents and their childrenstaying home all day long indefinitely. Inevitably, most schools have chosen to turn their curriculum to an online channel so that students do not miss out on their learning experience for a long time. As parents and as children, this situation is something completely different and new. Here are a couple of tips for the parents to make sure that their children’s online learning experience happens as seamlessly as possible.   ... Read more


During uncertain times like this when we are locked downat home with family the whole day, it can become difficult to share such a small space. Instead, you can use this time as the perfect occasion for some quality family bonding time. The kids are bound to get restless and bored with all the excess time. To avoid them from sticking to the screens, you can integrate a lot of fun and playful activities into their day. The most memorable parts of a family’s memories are the legacies it carries forward. Take this time to reminisce about the good old ... Read more