3 exciting birthday traditions

How can you make that special day even more memorable for your little one? Start a birthday tradition which they can look forward to every year! If it’s a special breakfast in bed, a fun birthday song or learning to give back to those in need, these ideas would certainly inspire a family-wide birthday tradition.

Teach your children to be charitable

Tell the guests to carry in charity materials. It could be something basic, such as books or canned goods. Create a “birthday superheroes” theme and when they bring their donations, everyone dresses up as their favorite character. When your child grows older, you might also persuade them to forgo presents from friends and simply ask for a donation on their behalf.

Get them heartfelt cards

For friends and family to give out cards to them. Do your little ones like to receive letters and e-mails? Plan a few days before their birthday to let the friends and family members send out cards. Whether some come a little early or late it doesn’t matter. This actually makes running out to the mailbox every morning even more fun for them.

Have a fun photo booth

Creating a photo booth with a theme. Creating a photo booth with something that’s become your child’s year theme. It may be a favorite movie, product, food, song, or even a first holiday. Build a simple DIY photo booth by choosing a well-lit spot, selecting a backdrop, and setting up a few props on a table nearby.

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