3 easy recipes for children

With the coronavirus crisis spreading all over the world, India has come under an intense lockdown starting from March 25th, 2020. And that has left very little constructive activity for the kids at home because many of the parents work from home and the kids can’t go out. So what can you do to keep them engaged after they’ve done everything from books to indoor games? Cook, we suggest! We don’t ask you to make your kids cook a full lunch in the kitchen, but here are three simple, fun, and delicious dishes that even your kids can help you make at home.

Curd Rice


         Rice- 1 cup

Water- 2 glasses

Curd- 1 cup

Cooking oil- 3 tablespoons  

Mustard seeds- 1 teaspoon  

Curry leaves- 5 leaves 

Chilies- 2 or 3

Chopped leaves of cilantro to garnish

Salt- 1/2 tablespoon


Help your child make rice or leftover rice can be used.

Place the rice aside for a few hours then add curd to it. Season with salt to taste.

Heat up some oil, then add mustard seeds, chilies, and curry leaves. Prepare to make them splutter.

Once the chilies turn a little red, add the mixture to the rice and mix it all very well.

Garnish the plate of food with coriander leaves and serve with pickle.

Grapes Smoothies


Grapes juice- 2 cups

Blueberries- 1 cup

Yoghurt- 2 cups


Simply add all the ingredients in a blender and blend it for 30 seconds.

Top off with some whipped cream on the smoothie and it’s ready to be served.

Scrambled Eggs


Eggs- 2

Milk- 2 tablespoons 

Shredded cheese- 2 tablespoons 

Salt and pepper- To taste


Grease the inside of a microwavable mug so that egg doesn’t stick to it.     

Beat the milk and the eggs together to get a smooth mixture. 

Add the shredded cheese.

Microwave for 90 seconds.

Top with salt and pepper.

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