When I was young, my mother used to read me a book about personal hygiene. The book was about a boy who was extremely untidy and did not keep his surroundings clean, his mother uses to constantly scold him and give him lessons about cleanliness. Never did I think I would have any use of the book but I assume it’s time to go a trip down memory lane. It has been six months since the global pandemic of coronavirus began, yet every day we find ourselves grappling with the newness around us. Some of us have found this to be the perfect time to fulfill all our aspirations and complete the things which we have been pushing on for too long. Whereas some of us are simply dreaming about a safe future ahead of us.


One of the most restless age groups is that of the children. They do not understand the gravity of the situation and are not aware of the precautions that are necessary to be taken. The first step one should take is to educate them about the situation, keeping them under the dark may just make them more curious and rebellious. The details must only make them aware instead of terrifying them about the situation. The second step must be followed by everyone and that is to follow all the necessary precautions advised by the government such as washing your hands regularly for a minimum time of 20 seconds and keeping one’s surroundings hygienic and tidy. One must make sure that a distance of six feet is maintained among all individuals of the house and special caution is taken around children.

To keep children safe during the pandemic, it is important to engage the with activities as that shall reduce the restlessness and keep them distracted. Board games along with some low surveillance activities like drawing, reading books, modeling clay, etc. can be offered to them. They could learn some new activities like- knitting or lending a helping hand while cooking. One of the hardest challenges is to divert them from the outside world where they miss going to the park and playing with their friends or going to the theatre with their family. Parents could arrange an atmosphere like that of the outside, a screening of their favorite movie, or a scavenger hunt with their family.

Such activities, though may not sound much can make the child feel much more involved and gradually reduce their desire to go outside. The rules of quarantine are relaxing over time although it is not advised to go outside, one may pay a visit to their doctor as to ensure the best for their child and keep them safe from the virus. Lastly, it is important to stay positive and maintain a healthy environment. The negativity in news is constantly amplifying, in such an atmosphere it is vital to maintain a healthy balance of mind and providing it with positivity. The least one could do is to read their child a book about personal hygiene.

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