This global pandemic has set off massive chain reactions throughout the world. Maybe the biggest and most disruptive change to our daily lives has to be parents and their children
staying home all day long indefinitely. Inevitably, most schools have chosen to turn their curriculum to an online channel so that students do not miss out on their learning experience for a long time. As parents and as children, this situation is something completely different and new. Here are a couple of tips for the parents to make sure that their children’s online learning experience happens as seamlessly as possible.


When we speak about online schooling, the first and most probable road bump that you mayface is setting up all the necessary devices to make that happen. You can research about low priced data plans that are light on your pocket and efficient for your child. Once you have this major hurdle out of the way, you can focus on the finer details to make everything easier.

Online Schooling

Unfortunately due to the current circumstances, online schooling has become the only isolated option to maintain momentum in your child’s learning process. This does mean that they will be spending a lot of time in front of screens. Accept it but also try and incorporate more practical methods to facilitate your child’s education. For example, you can teach them about solutions by mixing salt and water. Make the kitchen your best friend when it comes to adding an element of practical education to your children’s’ life. This said, do try and get them to spend their leisure time doing activities that enhance their motor skills and are independent of screens or technology.

With effort from both the teachers and the parents, we will get through this pandemic happy and
healthy without hindering the educational growth of our children.

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