During uncertain times like this when we are locked down
at home with family the whole day, it can become difficult to share such a small space. Instead, you can use this time as the perfect occasion for some quality family bonding time. The kids are bound to get restless and bored with all the excess time. To avoid them from sticking to the screens, you can integrate a lot of fun and playful activities into their day.

The most memorable parts of a family’s memories are the legacies it carries forward. Take this time to reminisce about the good old days. Revisit your childhood memories and tell them engaging stories about how your upbringing was. Tell them stories about how your parents were brought up. It is very important for children to know where they come from and learning about their ancestors’ legacy is only a step in the right direction.

Involve your children in activities around the house. Teach them the basics of keeping their space clean and the importance of having a tidy surrounding. Or you can switch it up and have them lend you a hand while preparing meals for the family. You can teach them how to make simple recipes and encourage the little chef in them. Show them the basics of gardening by having them water the plants every day. This introduces an element of routine in their everyday life, reducing their feeling of restlessness.


Try and keep them as happy and positive as possible in this situation. You can integrate fun activities like board games and contests at home to liven the mood. Borrow some ideas for simple and energetic game ideas from shows like Minute To Win It. Try and emulate real-life situations at home to instill a sense of normalcy in their life. Have a movie night at home with popcorn and all that

While we should try and keep the mood at home as light and positive as possible, don’t forget to educate and make your children aware of how the world is functioning right now. Keep them in touch with ground reality so they ca have a sense of sympathy and gratefulness towards the life that they have.

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